What's Your Next-Door Neighbor Story?

That's a picture that will be hard to erase.

On the corner, in a mannered but 1950's vintage suburban neighborhood stood the "House of Horrors". Okay, so it wasn't actually a haunted house, it just looked like one.

It once was a two-story farmhouse, but now resembled nothing more than a prop on a slasher movie set. The front and back porches sagged, falling under the weight of the sparse slate roof. The paint had peeled off, except on the north side, where one square had been scraped and repainted a sickly green. Slates had deserted the roof, leaving behind a bed of green moss. Rumor had it that there was a bedroom on the second floor that had a hole in the floor.

The grounds were no better. Although the children were in their teens, the plastic toys they'd played with were strewn about the woods willy-nilly. Whatever was used in the small patch of mown lawn was never thrown away; it just made its way farther and farther into the tiny copse behind the house. The only valuable thing was the huge hot tub that stood by the side of the slumping porch.

The neighbors were rumored to be swingers. The neighborhood often saw and heard parties that spilled into the cops, but no one ever knew if those were family or something else. It was clear that many of them ended up in the hot tub.

At twilight, the woman who owned the house bordering the copse was out walking her dog. The neighbors' party had moved into the hot tub. The dog walked to the back of the yard, to the corner near the cops, to do her business. The woman could see that people were in the hot tub in the yard beyond the copse. She looked away

Just then, the male neighbor and a male companion stood up and yelled, "Come on in. The water's great!" They were both as naked as they day they were born. She broke eye contact and became intent on the small dog's stance. The dog finished her business, and the woman scooped her up and walked quickly and purposefully to her home.

"That's a picture that will be hard to erase," she said.


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