What's Your Next-Door Neighbor Story?


My bedroom faces the side of the building near me. My little sister always tended to sit by the window. One day she notices that the window of the girls living across from me was open. She calls me over to show me how they had two dildos holding up the window. My little sister being so curious wrote them a note and hung it outside our building. The note said " I am only 10 and I have to listen to you girls every night doing stuff. I now know what you do. I can see the fake wee wees." After they read that note they were so embarrassed that the next week they moved out when they noticed my little sister always left them big signs on the windows to be more quiet at night.


marcelg2001 says,

In 1984, when I was 18, I moved to Montreal for school and into my first apartment with three girls. We quickly filled the space with all the basement hand-me-downs that our parents had given us. Needless to say the place looked like shit. But we were free; who cared about the plaid sofas and striped curtains and orange carpet! We lived in a high-rise, and across the street from us was another apartment building and at the same level as us lived a "hunky" guy that the girls had a crush on. At night they would dim the lights and giggle like silly trolls when he came out of his bathroom with just a towel around his waist. Back then I was a HUGE Michael Jackson fan and geek and when the Thriller video came out I was spellbound. I knew I had to learn the whole dance routine. Every day I would practice the choreography by looking at my reflection in the living room windows which were right in front of "hunky guy's" apartment. One night "hunky" caught the girls (finally!) spying on him and waved. They went balistic. On a large piece of paper they wrote our phone number and taped it to the window. He called and invited the three over. They were out the door in a flash and from our living room I watched as he let them into his apartment. Then I lost interest. About an hour later, they were back - beaming. "Oh, my God, he is sooooo cute...and interesting!" "Do you think he liked me?" Who the fuck cares - really, I wanted to say. They all crammed into the bedroom; chatting excitedly and shut the door. But not before saying: "Oh by the way, he wanted us to tell you that he thinks your a good Michael Jackson impersonator. He sees you all the time dancing." I went beet red! Why I never realized that people could see into our place is still, to this day, beyond my comprehension. I was so embarassed. It put a quick end to my dancing to "Thriller". As for "hunky", apparently the girls didn't make the impression they thought they had. He never called again.

marcelg2001 says,

Sorry, I'm unsure how I pasted my story in your comment area. My apologies.

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