What's Your Next-Door Neighbor Story?

Hold the flushing, please!

I got to know our next-door neighbors through their excrement. A few months ago, the whole buildings plumbing broke. The building is comprised of four apartments, two on the bottom floor and two on the top. Mine is the bottom left, and seems to bare the brunt of each apartment malfunction, so when the plumbing broke my two bathtubs and toilets overflowed with communal urine/sewage. Our landlord was slow to fix this because he is cheap. He asked everyone to not use their toilets until further notice. This wasn't difficult for me because our toilet was literally about to overflow, but it didn't stop my neighbors from using theirs. Everytime they flushed, our tub would fill itself with urine and toilet water. Apparently, their apartments were not showing signs of our blocked sewer line, read: no urine in their tubs or toilets. I politely explained the situation to my upstairs neighbor, and they listened sympathetically. When they went back upstairs, I heard them flush the toilet. When I had to go, I had to walk across the street to the graduate student housing and use their guest bathroom. Since I'm young, no one noticed that I'm not a student there.
At home, our neighbors kept flushing and filling our bathtub with their urine/other matter. It smelled terrible. I poured bleach in the bathtubs and toilets, but it didn't help the smell. Finally, after five days of living in a third world apartment, our landlord got our plumbing fixed. He went upstairs and from our patio I heard him apologizing to our neighbor, though I'm not sure why, but our neighbor complained at length about how they couldn't use their toilet and asked for a reduction of their rent.


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