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I grew up in Maryland. Let’s say 1990. A cute Pakistani guy and his New Yorker wife lived across the street. T came to America in his 20s with nothing, but got a job pumping gas. When the station owner died, T was surprised to find that he had inherited the whole shebang.
T’s basement had a dance floor with flashing lights and a disco ball, and he liked to dance to New Edition while light hit him in the face and he snapped his fingers. He and his wife were younger and hipper than my parents, so it was surprising they became best friends. Case in point: A birthday party for my mom, and they hired her a stripper. Luckily, I had my copy of Wuthering Heights on hand. My mom: Not so lucky.
When M and T went out, I babysat their three kids. We’d turn on the stereo and the disco ball and jump up and down. I sometimes thought of K, their fourth and eldest child who had died from SIDS before I met them. He didn’t even make it to his first birthday.
For my fifteenth birthday, they gave me $50 cash in a card that said, “For the girl who has everything.” It made me sad, I didn’t feel like I had everything. I was kinda depressed but too ashamed to say anything to anyone. Piles of Cure cassettes and Sylvia Plath books were piling up on my bedroom floor—it was a bad scene.
But through M’s eyes, I learned to see myself as graceful, smart, rebellious—not awkward, nerdy, misunderstood. Maybe my dad got mad at me for dying my hair magenta, but M got me.
She and T owned a light-heartedness that I wanted too. Once when I was nervous about a school dance, T dropped me off in his cherry-red Corvette convertible. His confidence made you feel invincible.
We moved away when I was 17, and I never saw them again. Once when I was back in Maryland visiting friends, I knocked on their door. But no one answered.


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