What's Your Next-Door Neighbor Story?

The Bad boy across the street

One year on halloween we had a big costume party. Alot of people showed up and it was hard to keep track of who was who. Then I noticed that the teenage boy who had recently moved in accross the street had come over. We had yet to meet him or his family. I noticed through out the night he kept running back over to his house and then back to ours.
So I began to watch him closley. I realized he was stealing beer and taking it back across the street. Well I laughed it off since I too was under drinking age and had been up to my own criminal activities.
It wasn't until a couple of days later we realized that alot more then beer had been stolen. He had tooken all sorts of stuff including the hard drive out of our computer. My aunt wanted to call the police but my uncle freaked out and said that was not a good idea since the kid had also stolen his bongs. Yes my uncle was a pot head and most of the party goers that night had been his students from the college.
So I had to take money and go across the street and pay this little creep to get our stuff back. He refused to give the hard drive back but was kind enough to copy all the files onto a disk and give them to us and and was also so generous as to give back all of the negatives and the pawn slip for a pawn shop for my aunts jewelery.
A few years later he ended up in prison. It had also come about that he was sleeping with one of the neighbors. What an interesting neighbor he made!!!!


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