What's Your Next-Door Neighbor Story?

Caution: Crazy woman on the loose!

I have serious issues with a neighbor of mine. This woman has two children and they are just as bad as her. For years we have gone through things with her sons and my son. She is the biggest drama queen I have ever known and the most immature adult amongst the neighborhood. This woman works for a law firm and tells people that she is a lawyer. She likes to take people to court over false allegations, in which I have experienced myself.
One day, this woman was riding a bike with her two boys and some of their friends which was about a total of eleven. My son was outside with two of his cousins and two friends, which made five. She and these boys were riding back and forth calling my son and the others b----es! My son informed me of what was said and I came outside just to make sure everything was ok. I have through so much with this woman I am to the point where I want to actually go upside this womans head. Of course she didn't say anything while I was out there because she knows that I am not like the rest. Some people act like they are terrified of this woman and I wonder why.
She has takes alot of people to court and she even made a statement that she lives for this type of stuff. Meaning having people in and out of court. I think it's so unfair how people abuse the law and actually get away with it. The whole police department knows this woman because she is always involved in something. I have witnessed this lady go to a child's house for the parent and she told the father that she would destroy his son's life. This is a crazy woman on the loose!! She starts trouble with children! When someone stands up to thios woman she calls the cops and make false accusations. I see why her boys are the way they are. They make up so many rumors about my son, it's ridiculous!
I have never disliked someone as I do this woman. She is known as the crazy woman with the crazy kids. Caution: Crazy woman and crazy kids on the loose!


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