What's Your Next-Door Neighbor Story?

The Bitch from the Laundromat That One Night

So I had work in two hours. I just needed my uniform to be clean by then. I had six quarters for the laundromat downstairs.
That night was gearing up to be shitty. There had been steady rainfall since I woke. I had to work. And I had a bum windshield wiper. Not only was I working, but I was risking my life for shitty tips.

All the washers and dryers were going, no one inside. Just the defunct remains of a vending machine.
I put my clothes in the lone available washer and left.
I came back to change my clothes over.
My clothes were sitting in a wet pile on top of the washer.
I don't know how I knew the perp was a girl, but I kept thinking the word Bitch.
The washer was still banging around.
I raised the lid and brought Bitch's washing experience to a justified halt.
After her clothes stopped whirling, I got an eyeful of thongs plastered in clumps.
If she thought her behavior was acceptable, how would she feel if somebody did that to her? Isn't that the Golden Rule, upon which all religions are based? Wasn't I just doing what Jesus would do?
I put my clothes in a dryer, and hers in a wet pile.
I moved quickly, as anyone meddling with laundry is wise to do.
I came back and my clothes were removed from the dryer. Touché, slutface. My work uniform laid in a warm, damp pile.
When playing a game of strategy, never just say “Make your move,” and leave the room!
I filled my laundry basket with my load, and then casually popped open Bitch's dryer, topping off my basket with her panties. You know what, Bitch? I took the cutest pairs.

On my way out, I coolly let them drop like rose petals behind me.
I hurried to a friend (with a dryer)'s house and spilled my story.
“you're fucking evil,” they go. “We had no idea.”
I fucking won.
I only wish I could've seen her face when her eyes focused on the familiar trail of lingerie.
And that's who I want to meet first in Heaven.


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