What's Your Next-Door Neighbor Story?

Did You Steal Our Cat?

Living in suburbia has a number of complicated maxims. You're expected to be friendly to your neighbor but let them maintain their privacy. We had a rough start with our neighbors, unfortunately, and they seemed to truly take this to heart. Over the next ten years there has been The Suburban Cold War: extremely passive aggressive, moments of friendliness, and always on the brink of a nuclear winter.

One most memorable of passive aggressive squabbles was dealt through abductions of our cat, Sophie, who would occasionally get out of the house despite us. Sophie is a pretty black cat. She's friendly and silly, but her idea of these traits is to be playful and bat and bite at your hands when you pet her. We once literally saw our neighbor's door open and hand come out and grab Sophie. Even with a gentle knock at the door, no one responded. After some incessant knocking, they still managed to ignore the front door.

I have not been one to really perpetuate The Neighbor Cold War, but this was past the line of the Cuban Missile Crisis. This was painfully close to full on Nuclear Winter, and I was ready to storm down Armageddon on them and everyone who dared be near enough to suffer the blast. What kind of neighbor kidnaps your cat?

They did, of course, release Sophie, our POW, but they had trimmed her fur, which was entirely unnecessary. She was not a shaggy cat by any stretch of the imagination. This also caused a brief period where her fur was not growing regularly, and her back legs, though had fur, were balding. She did, fortunately, recover, and for that I'm thankful. But this was not over.

I held a large drinking party, which made more noise than I had planned, but when my neighbor felt the need to stick his head out to yell "keep it down," and quickly shut it again, I knew I could be louder, and talk about my cat Sophie so they could hear. "Then don't kidnap our cat. Don't touch our property."

Since then it has been a quiet Cold War, and I honestly hope it remains so. For I truly fear the police will need get involved if it steps up any further.


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