What's Your Next-Door Neighbor Story?

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I sleep in the living room on my Moroccan couch (ahem – futon). Next to the wall. Well, of course, next to the wall. Where else do you put a bed?

Dead asleep. 3 A.M.

More thuds on the wall. The floor shakes again.
“Oh, shit – Do I call the cops?”
“No! Of course not. What the hell time is it?”

“It sounds like someone's getting beat up.”
“Someone could get really hurt. What if I'm the only one who hears this?”
“No. No one's getting beat up.”
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I came back to my apartment late one night, and I heard moaning in the hall. Being naive, I thought someone was hurt , so I walked down to the end of the hall, but no one was there. I walked back to my door, opened it, and the moans were louder! My next door neighbors were getting it on in their living room, and it was like I had a front row seat to all of the various sound effects. The woman's voice was moaning, punctuated by the man's groaning. The constant back and forth voices finally ended Read more

Have a Next-Door Neighbor Story?

As part of our new webcomic, Next-Door Neighbor, we thought it appropriate to have a little contest. Tell us your best true next-door neighbor story, and the winning tale will be matched with an artist and transformed into a webcomic and included as the final installment of Next-Door Neighbor.

About Next-Door Neighbor

No matter how close or how far, we all live next to someone, and we all have a Next-Door Neighbor story. With that in mind, editor Dean Haspiel asked some of his favorite storytellers and cartoonists to create their favorite NDN stories so we could share them with you.

The Fine Print & Contest Rules

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This contest ends September 1, 2008. Prizes are not redeemable for cash and must be accepted as awarded. Winners are decided at the discretion of SMITH judges and all decisions are final. SMITH reserves the right to change the contest rules. Enter as often as you want. SMITH reserves the right to reprint or republish all entries.

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