My life so Far on Smith Magazine

What the Hell?

I became a member of Smith Magazine. Seemed to be doing well. I did several six word memoirs, a few Brushes with Fame, captions for front pages and even a tree hugger (green caption).

Well why not try to do even more? I came across another title to think upon. I entered Life So Far, three times.Two stories and a six word. Imagine to my surprise When none of these came up published. So I guess I can't advance, spread my wings any further. My feelings are hurt, has my career ended?

I think not! I will sit, wait and see if there is something else to conquer. Bring it on Smith, I'm patiently waiting.

Several days have passed. I'm getting antsy. Why aren't they enticing me. Dangling another carrot?
I know, my site must be hexed. The alphabet God's are holding me back when I punch the keys on my Dell and all I can say is, "what the hell?"

I'll try one more time. I got this far, I can't stop now. Smith Mag. is my passion. Okay let's pop that Submit Your Story, box. Will I see you on the other side? Are you already there? Have you filled all the spaces so I can't get there? Please, if you have, step aside I want to come through.

I knew it, I broke the barrier. Here I am see me roar.


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