Death In Miles

As we ran along the roadside, I couldn't help thinking this is how life would be forever. I had my dog since I was 5. I'm now 16. She was a golden retriever mixed with a Yellow Lab. A mutt, some would say, but I thought she was beautiful. She didn't really like other dogs, and she always chased our old, grumpy cat, but I loved her. At the beginning of the summer, we had starting running to train for my cross country season in the fall. She was never really trained to be off a leash, but we would run in the country and I would let her run loose until we got back to town. She ran through the tall grass as if she were in heaven. She loved running, and even in her old age, she loved bolting around until she had to stop for breath. Everyday seemed similar to the one before. I would walk quickly around the house looking for my shoes, she would start jumping and running, knowing exactly what was going to happen, then we would go out. We lived about a block away from the first gravel road, we could see the corn from our window. But on one tuesday something, was a little different. We went running after supper, planning to run just about three miles and head home. On the way out to our turning point, something happened. I heard a truck coming down the road. This happened quite often so i looked and then kept running. All of a sudden, I heard a screech, and turned around to the truck swerving. I looked and saw my dog, my pet, my companion, my baby, my sister fly into the ditch with more velocity than i had ever heard of in Science Class. She wined and whimpered, and i ran to her side. I pet but knew she wasn't okay. Her stomach looked totally flat, a few of her toes were dangling, practically detached from her feet, and I was almost sure that her two back legs were broken. The farmer stopped, got out, and said that he would drive us to the Vet. I rode in the back of the truck with her head on my lap. On the short drive, which seemed like forever. I cried and watched as she looked like she was being tortured to death. I could see the pain in her eyes. As we pulled up to the Vet. We lifted her out of the bed of the trunk and her body just slumped over, we almost dropped her. She laid in the grass, her heart beating faster, and suddenly it stopped. The vet said she thought she was gone. And i jumped up and cursed the sky. Not God, just the world. When she died i felt as if I did. For the next few weeks I cried and dreaded the fact that school was going to start in a few short weeks. I feared the fact that when you had a problem in math about dogs, and the teacher asked who had dogs, I wouldn't raise my hand. I know I still have a dog. She isn't really with me right now, but someday I'll see her again. Someday, we'll run down the roadside again, laughing, and wishing that the day would never end. No matter what anyone says. I still dream about her, and I know that she would've wanted to go that way. Being able to run free. We buried her at our friends farm, by the two little apple trees. If your wondering, I didn't go out for Cross Country this fall. I couldn't get myself to do it. She was the reason that I went running. She will always be the reason I go running. Whether it's 90 out or 100 below. She'll be the reason. I love you Goldy.


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