I was two when my mother dropped me off.

When I was two, my mother dropped me off at my emotionally unstabe grandmother's house. Where I lived for over eight years. It was tough at times and then wonderful at others. Always ups and downs. I eventually learned when to stay at a distance and be very quiet.
When my mother remarried, I left my grandmother's house to live with my parents like all the other kids did at my school. Soon after, I realized I'd lmoved into hell. My parents drank, faught and were in a stuper most of the time on the weekends. Eventually, I managed to survive and then at a young age I married an alcholic
(Unbeknownst to me.) He had hidden his secret well. I was much to naive.
When God decided I needed three daughters that also was a challenge. Especially, living with their father. In those days when you married, it was for life. Eventually, I realized this was not what life should be and all we had was one (life). So I shouldn't waste mine any longer. I expanded my education started to figure out what I needed to do to survive without my major problem(my ex).
That was another struggle. But I did it. My three daughters and I were determined. We all entered the medical field and helped others. Today we all have success stories. He does not.
Don't let anyone say you can't make something of yourself, no matter who you are. We all have dificulties, some more than others. But just try.
Success comes in many different forms. Go grab a piece you deserve it.


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