The best way I can say this is that I am searching for my Eldorado. A few weeks ago, I was watching my favorite John Wayne movie by the same name (Eldorado) and it occured to me that one of the best parts of the movie is the theme song (sung by George Alexander). So I looked up the poem that was mentioned in the movie. It is the one (by E. A. Poe) about the knight that spends his life searching for the fabled cities of gold (Eldorado).

I realized that I spend my life searching for something, only I wasn't sure what it was. Fortunately, I'll know it when I find it. For right now, since I love to read and write about life and its inspirations, I'm searching for an audience. In other words, I want to be a successful author.

For right now, however, I must search for faith and strength. I recently received the distressing news that I have breast cancer, and will soon part company with one of them. Well, so long as I part company with the cancer as well, I figure I can deal with it. I must say, it becomes a heck of a way to spend Christmas, but as long as I get to spend it with my family, I'm happy.

When I was younger, I tried everything I knew to get my hair to grow. Finally, I put my hair in dreadlocs, and that style made it grow (after 50 years of trying). Now I'm going to lose it all because of Chemotherapy.

Hmmm, let's see: Lose hair, breast, cancer. Keep life.
Fair trade.

Thanks for your attention. I'm not out of the business of living, YET!

Vera L.


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