Human No More

Nowadays, instead of calling someone to tell them that you are sorry so-and-so died, you can message them directly…on Myspace…saying, I’m sorry YOU died, rest in peace buddy. It sounds so impersonal. RIP is all over the internet for those who didn’t make it. I hear you can even start attending funerals online if you can’t make the trip. How exciting.
Gone is traditional photo developing too, thanks to digital technology. Who needs Walgreen’s or Wal-mart to develop their pictures? Let your memory card do the work. Better yet, just shove your memory card into your 4-in-1 fax machine and print out your own photos. You can do it.
Pretty soon you won’t even have to go to the refrigerator to get your own snack. Your robot will do it for you. Heck, you won’t even need to get off the couch for anything. Everything will be done for you. That means however, you’ll have to stop eating because there will be no way to burn off a calorie, unless you plan to do the bicycle exercise while lying on that same couch. And even then a new invention will come along where someone exercises for you. When that happens, you better not eat a thing or you will be the next Good Year Blimp. But even if you do get really fat, you can just have the surgery to shrink your stomach. Then lipo to remove the unsightly fat globules from your arms and butt. Where is the responsibility?
There is nothing technology can’t do. Someday we may not even need people. What then?


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