my life

I was born and raised in Lapeer Michigan on Feburary 28 1966. I was born to an alcohlic father and a controling mom with two older brothers. I am the youngest and only girl in my family. i was very opininated as a child and still am. I was married to an abusive man and after 3 months of marriage i threw him out and was divorced 9 months later.I later met a lady who i was in a friendship relationship and then realized i enjoyed the company of women more than male. I realized that i would look at woman and was attracted to the same sex. I have been in a relationship with a female but it did not work out we are best friends but i know that i will have someone again. i am currently in school . i am majoring in Liberal Arts to get my writing career started. I am a freshman. I really am enjoying school i have english on monday and wendesday and Math on tuesday and thursday. I have a puppy who when i am home keeps me company and her name is precious. i am a pastor i was ordained in november of 2005 and run several ministries out of my home. I can not have any children due to the fact that I had a hystericomy in February. I want to be an author and put my thoughts out in books. my mom died in 2001 after about with liver dease. i enjoyed school alot that it got me out of the house from my brothers who were busing me and lying about me.


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