I Escaped Psychiatry Alive

A Suicidal, Homicidal, “Paranoid Schizophrenic,”
I Escaped Psychiatry Alive!

Non-gender wording/spelling: Hse replaces he/she/him/her/his. Hseself replaces himself, herself.

In the beginning there was God,
the Spirit of Unconditional Divinity,
the Trinity of Power, Truth, and Love.
Every human is born a spirit of goodness with a physical body,
senses formulated, environmental reactive, motivating emotions,
and logical but naive thinking, conscious-aware mind,
a co-created child of man and God.

Fulfilling the Human Potential:
The Spiritual Directed Self
To mankind alone, is the potential, purpose, and fulfillment
— the calling of the spirit to unconditional love —
— Enlightenment —
When the capasity to feel is filled with love, the power of love is internalized, the spirlt of love and conscience transends from the subconscious to conscious directing of thoughts and actions;
the child of man transcended to the child lof God.

Every human is born dependent on others for basic physical and mental developmental needs; to the degree of the lack, sickening even unto death. Physical development is related to age. Mental development is empowered by the nurturing of love and the mentoring of truth.

From dependency on others to self-development, to dependency on God; from physical oriented to mental oriented, to spiritual oriented; from instinctive, automatic environmental reactions to chosen, enlightened actions; from conditional love to unconditional love, the child of man transcended to the child of God, loving and serving God and self by loving and serving others.

God’s world is law and order: no action without cause and effect. As darkness is the absence of light and cold the absence of heat, to the degree of the lack, so fear or anger, the absence of love, is a formless negative force overpowered by love.


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