addiction of more

it is good to want things. when anyone gets a taste of something they like, wouldn't they want more? it seems only natural. but when does it become a problem? i'll tell you when. when you can't stop thinking about it, and not in a nice a hammer banging on your skull until it busts open and blood spills all over the floor and you would think that it would stop banging on your skull at that point, but it doesn't. this is definitely an addictive mind. if you don't understand, you don't have one. this addiction of more can pertain to anything. drugs, alcohol, shopping, food, sex. a person, place, or thing. anything, anything at all. it takes over. one killed only by the next. it feels like self inflicted torture because, really, no one is doing this to me but me. or you but you (if this in fact applies to you). what do we fucked lot do with this? i guess we talk about it amongst ourselves and laugh at it. oh, how that does help! unfortunately only for the moment. we must then channel this rapid circle of energy into other things. it might not ever cure it, but at least it will calm it down for a while.


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