Coffee and Me

I have never realised the effect coffee has on me, until today, when it has finally hit me: “I am my mother’s daughter!” Now, this requires some explanation. “Have you been drinking?”, - my grandmother used to ask seeing my mum’s eyes sparkle mischievously as if her day to day world has suddenly acquired a different meaning and she was the only bearer of a wonderful secret. The answer has always been much less exciting “Coffee mum, I have just had coffee!” Being an absolutely pure and righteous girl all her life, this is the only addiction my mum has ever had apart from ironing, of course, which I suppose was more of a habit. Even her high blood pressure could not keep her away from a magical steamy cup, the addiction my sister has inherited from a very early age!

As for me, I have always been quite indifferent towards this beverage that has excited female part of my family. Until the age of about 20 I have always considered myself my father’s daughter with a chatty nature and a tea preference. Coffee has not been on my agenda at all, apart from the university times. Even then though, it was used more as an excuse to get out of the daunting atmosphere of the library into an ever indulging social rattle of Starbucks. Oh, those wonderful years of Frapucinos, Mochacinos and all the other sugary inventions of a consumerist age! Yet, on a grand scale of quality, excellence and praise tea was still superior to any other hot drink in my little world! Until.........paving its way under a surface of my daily existence, a quite revolution took place, gradually but surely seducing my body into the kingdom of magical beans. One regular largely uneventful day Monmouth Coffee and a state of the art coffee machine have entered my life and slowly but firmly established their place in my daily existence. Before I knew it, I was hooked!

To begin with I was not your regular “anything will do” kind of junky! As with everything I consume in my life, I was very particular about the type of coffee that would draw me in a zombie state to the machine or a café counter. Then, business trips came along! Late night, early morning, meeting room, late night, early morning, meeting room……Any kind of caffeine shot, please! To keep my eyes open and my attention focused on a geeky subject of technology that not many girls can endure in their normal state of mind let alone after only 3 hours of sleep a night! Coffee has been solidifying its position! I have not noticed the significance of it though until after yet another business trip an interesting occurrence took place. Usually, as soon as I come back home, I am over coffeed so to speak and have to have a massive detox before I can even look at a cup filled with black liquid again! So, this is the pattern I have casually assumed this time around. The next day, dragging myself to work I was moody, impatient and lethargic, all of which I have attributed to my exhaustion and annoying office environment that I have never been a fun of! In the atmosphere of this gloominess, this morning I have decided to treat myself to my favourite Café Au Lait, more for the wonderful taste of it then any kind of effect. Suddenly, an amazing thing has happened, I was filled with joy and love for the world! The train was moving more cheerfully, the way to the office seemed shorter and my desk more inviting. Most importantly, I wanted to write for the first time in ages!!!!!!!! ….and what did I want to write about?.....yeap, coffee!

Now, I still consider myself an elitist kind of addict since at the signs of withdrawal I will not run to a nearest Starbucks for a refill, but now I can definitely relate to a sparkle in my mum’s eyes and feel what it is like to be drunk on caffeine!


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