Gettin old aint for sissies


If you thought life would get easier after you passed the age of fifty you were dreaming baby! I'm sure like me, you remember that TV commercial with the "you're as young as you feel" catchy little phrase. That one as well as many others jump in my head when my body shows me yet another spot capable of hurting. I remember thinking to myself when I was younger, that my mother was such a sissy with the grunting, moaning, and all the heavy sighs she made. She would visit the doctor and be told she was fine and just gettin older. I was determined that I would never be "that way" when I was her age. It happened one day as I bent over to pick up something I had dropped. I heard a sound that seemed familiar and foreign at the same time; a grunting, moaning sound followed by a sign of relief. As my mouth said "oh my God" my brain laughingly shouted "what goes around comes around" you big sissy!


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