I, in this imperfect world, have decided to look ar worry as constuctive anticipation.


My mom was an inspired worrier. She got up in the morning and got right to it...no procrastinating on her part. It's a good day to worry...I could see it on her face. She passed it on to me. Not all people are worrier's. They seem to think the most important thing they do is not worry. I get tired of all these people thinking they are gifted because they do not worry.

Probably even more irritating is their feeling that they should turn us worriers into non-worrier's. "Don't worry about it." Thats one of their main comments. I guess they think they are trying to help...but they do not realize we are content being ever vigilant.

My wife looks on worry as an intrusion into the serenity of life. She never worries. Sometimes she cries because life can be so unfair but that is pretty rare. I cannot help thinking that if she did a little more worrying things might go better for her. She does not like to hear that.. and certainly does not believe it.

My foremen at work have raised non-worrying to an art form. We see things on a different plane. They tell me not to worry. I tell them someone has too. Everything goes along an even keel for them until something comes up... like we get busy at vacation time and they have to entertain the thought of post-poning their plans. Whoa! They go straight to mad and skip worry all together. I think they missed a vital step in the process of life. I also cannot help but think if they had been a bit concerned about this possibility that they might have avoided the problem by making a back-up plan.

I do not have a negative view of life at all. I enjoy life and feel blessed having my health, a good job, and a wonderful family. This did not all happen by accident. I worry about each and everyone of them on a daily basis.

I , in this imperfect world, have decided to look at worry as constructive anticipation.


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