The Night Out

Unexpected but needed

Its March 3, 2009 my birthday and I’m surround by friends. Like a rush of blood to the head it hits me memories of the past. Memories of the friends I grew up with and the times we shared. The make up of my friends is very different today as I’m sitting drinking in a room with these people I haven’t known really long. A few know me well, but I find my self-thinking about those who really know me. The ones that were there for the playground melees and art class showdowns. Well I was unaware that a week later I would have one of the best nights of my life with some of those people.
I’m a 20 year old college student and keep finding myself saying wow how time flied. I can remember the day when I first arrived at my small catholic school in the Bronx named St. Mary’s star of the sea school. It’s a pre k to eight-grade school located on a small island neighborhood called City Island. I attended the school from kindergarten all the way up to eight grade. In those years I met some of my closest friends there. What happened to that stage of my life and all the people I knew that I lost touch with? People that then I found it hard to believe that I would never see again some I loved and those I couldn’t stand. This is about one night that I reconnected with a group of close friends.
It’s March 2009 and I’m returning home from Penn state. I feel great about coming home but felt real out of touch with home since New York is four hours away. So I only expected to see my one friend Mike that I’ve know since the 3rd grade. He’s been like a brother to me and back in the day we were always in the principles office. We were in trouble for wrestling or making fun of somebody who we couldn’t convince to stop crying before a teacher saw. Mike is like a brother to me; from fighting over girls to sleep over we’ve always had each other’s back. He always had a passion for music and is currently study it at his college. Its good to know that he is on a good path and is doing what he always aspired to do. I feel the same way about film and I’m currently pursuing that goal. We wondered how the old crew was doing we hear updates every now and then but we wanted to see people. Then the idea came to reunite our old crew.
Mike, John, Ocasha the old St. Mary’s crew, including me. There would be two new editions Nick and Tommy Lee. Tommy Lee is one of my close friends at Penn State that cam to stay with me in the Bronx. Nick is a friend of Mike and I who is neighbors with Mike. So our little entourage is forming and we are planning what to do. Of course we had to get a bottle of imported Vodka to start the night. Me, Mike and Tommy Lee start the night by polishing off half of the bottle. This was after driving to get it of course we stay safe “don’t drink and drive.” Funny thing was we though we were being chased by a pimp it turns out we weren’t. I don’t really want to go in to that, but after we drank a little we hopped on the express bus. It’s a bus that takes you from the Bronx into Manhattan.
Nick, John, and Ocahsa were supposed to meet us in the city near Times Square. Our initial goal was to go to olive garden and we ended up getting their 11 minutes after it closed. Since there was no way we could get a table when the other guys came we ended up going to Friday’s. We might have made it to Olive garden but we were caught up watching some kids breaks dance on the street. At diner while making new moments we reminisced on times we shared. From events at Penn state to what was going on at home while I was in school. Some of the funniest moments discussed were from the crew’s hay day. Like where I hit John in the eye with a tennis ball or Mike had a brawl on a crowed city bus against a 6th grader, “he was a big 6th grader.
After dinner we needed something to do so we al agreed on hookah. There we were treated like VIP because Tommy Lee and me had spent most of break there. The rest of the night was filled with shisha and great conversations. Then after some beers and a pitcher of sangria it was closing time at around 3am. I had a small heart attack after seeing the bill for 208 dollars and we went back out into the night. The cab ride back to the Bronx was pretty fun all we did was crack jokes and beat box. Our musical talent impressed Tommy our future music producer. Then on a weird note we were listen to the Columbia university radio station and heard strange sounds that sounded like we were being contacted by aliens. Finally after our intergalactic conversation we got back to the Bronx and finished the imported vodka while watching old Jim Morrison performances.
The night was fading away into light and the last part of our excursion was Nick’s idea. He thought we should go across the highway and hang out under the bridge in the swampland behind my neighbor hood that had a river, which flowed into the long island sound. Mike and I were against the idea because we were drunk and worried about a hobo attack. Nick assured us no one was down there so eventually we all agreed. When we got there finally it was beautiful and we saw the sunrise. I could see my building from where we were and I never saw my home from such a perspective. This was a fascination experience because after living there for so long I thought there wasn’t anything new to discover. It’s a moment in my life I will always remember that I got to experience with friends both old and new.


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