I was born a mother to a family of four.

My mother was a work-aholic with very low self-esteem despite her over-the-top personality. My father was a confused man who was still getting over the emotional pain he suffered as a kid. My older brother became a depressed drug addict/ troublemaker extraordinaire, and my little sister (who is my daughter more than she is my mothers) is afraid of life.
Where did this leave me? With a terrible depression, 50 extra pounds, and I've never been kissed. At 20!
I've lived most of my life wondering what I've done wrong. And it's taken 3 years of therapy to realize that I'm not to blame for my shitty life and my dud parents.
What really amazes me, is that I still love the world. I think it can be a really beautiful place. I just have to let it include me.


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