Haveing you, real or not

Dreaming of you, not haveing you, thinking of you, not having you, wanting you, not having you, smiling at you, not having, being near you, not having you, finally getiing you, is having everything but you. Never knowing when you will speak, if you take a peak, smiling , laughting louder, but not for me. Watching you, watching me, knowing it will never be. just being around you is never ending. Waiting, not knowing, Waiting, never sure, Waiting loseing time, Waiting your never really mine. Having everthing but you. Are you for real, not sure, too much time has gone by. Still wanting , still waiting, still knowing that your mine. But still i have you never really knowing if is real. Did I dream you up, are you real, am I touching you? Yes. but I don't know if it's real.


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