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Mafia in Congressional clothing

In the past several years I have observed,and come to understand how I as an individual along with others have been lulled in to complacency by our elected officials. We as a nation have been bombarded by innuendo,glitzy, slick ad campaigns (yes, like war campaigns). We have become so entrapped in the political system's re election machine that we have missed the real message. The real facts are that we have over the years elected and re elected the same individuals who have enacted laws against our interests while convincing us that they were doing it for our own good. I am especially set aback by the rash of Congressional misdeeds that have come to light and the idea that they (the Congress) are calling for the Heads of big Business while reaping the benefits of their office. The law enacted by the Congress and for the congress that mandates an annual pay increase, a lifetime pension after 1 Term and the other perks of the office (that were reasonable in the early days of this country).
I have come invent several terms that I now apply to the Congress.Those terms are as follws:
"The gang of 500+,Mafia in Congressional clothing,The political Magicians". The local Paper no longer prints any opinions I put forth so I have developed my own blog to put my opinions in writing. I want people to understand that "sound bites", mis quotes and good looks do not make a politician able to do the job. The Founding Fathers had none of this in mind over 200 years ago . The original Congress was composed of part time people who served when needed and only for relatively short periods, they were paid expenses for travel, food and for mailing expenses. They receieved a small stipend as some of them owned farms and other businesses that suffered a bit while they were away serving the nation. The current Federal,State and local officials have made the political system a lifetime job and have created an air of smoke and mirrors to cover their own misdeeds.


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