A Lovely Mystery

When did I become the expert?

When did I become the expert on relationships? Or the example for that matter? My amazing, almost perfect relationship has become the example they follow…when did this happen?
I used to be the girl that never had a date on Valentine’s Day. In fact, I haven’t had a good Valentine’s Day, or a boyfriend on this god-forsaken holiday since...ever. I was always the one that got asked out by friends, inquiring why it wouldn’t be fun to go out on the town with our single selves, just to show we don’t care and have enough self-respect to go out and have a good time, saying fuck you to Valentine’s Day and everything it normally entails. Well, that didn’t work out so well for me. Why the hell would I want to go out on that day of days to tout how I’m single and look around to see all of the gorgeous, or not so gorgeous couples, together on a day when singles are looked down upon. I was made to look like a fool, even though now I’ve triumphed. I’ve made it.
I passed up my record and went out this Valentine’s Day, and, much to my surprise, was not greeted by all of those pretty faces I always imagined I’d see. Yes, there were a few utterly adorably couples out on Valentine’s Day, but I was not jealous. I was the crème de la crème, the cream of the crop, and I was out with a guy I actually care about, and have some passion for. As I looked around on that holiday made especially for lovers, I saw some strange, strange things.
First off, I saw a girl around 23 in age, not lacking in the looks area, and seemingly intelligent, out with her parents…owch. That has to hurt. Awkward, anyone? I mean, I know they’re paying for your meal and all, but who wants to sit there watching your parents gush over each other over dinner? Yuck!
Next was just a tragedy, or two, or three. There were the trios: the date on a couple, with some clingy friend, who felt the need to invade on their special day, and couldn’t see their way out. Damn, girl, damn. And then there were the friends, one secretly in love with the other, but not showing this feeling in any way, shape or form. Why are we so afraid to say I love you, or even I like you to our significant others (or dates), when we can say it to our friends day in and day out, without a flinch of the shoulders?
What I’ve learned I’ll share with you here. Have patience….love will come. As Diana Ross said, “You can’t hurry love.” Even if this feeling seems to take forever, if you deserve something, it will find a way to come to your side in your time of need. Next, take the risk! I don’t care how afraid you are, or what those damn dating books tell you. If you don’t take a risk, how do you expect anything to come out of a relationship of any kind? And, third, if you’re not getting what you need from someone, find your way out, even if you do have to crawl and claw your way to the top. Your happiness comes first. If you’re not happy, how do you expect to make someone else happy?
I don’t know much, but I hope this article helps you in one way or another, whether you’re in a relationship or not.


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