The Buck Wakes, The Doe Comes.

The sun threatened to peek through the mid summer Buck’s County sky. Slowly awoken, far away the deer sighed, and the bonfire was a wisp. While last night’s pool house speakers still hummed with that low reminder of melodic beats that caused a drunken, euphoric, dance party to ensue.

She: now hours later was naked and languid under down, still sleepy, when familiar fingers tickled down Her abdomen and went lower. But what made Her so aroused, so early, so quick...could it have been the sexy surroundings, the fluffy bed and its sumptuous colorful Indian linens, or the promise of a warm Pennsylvania morning?

But, really it was His citrusy smell, hot breath, and warm skilled hands, that roused Her that morning...He made her drenched, warm, and satiated.

The Doe wanted to surrender to the Buck.


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