The Man Cub

He is eight, and he is my grandson.

He texted me this past Saturday afternoon (after already texting me twice early in the morning, while I was still sleeping, and then leaving me two voicemails thereafter.) "Why aren't you calling?" he asks.

This has become routine on Saturday mornings: He is an earlier riser than I - at least on weekends... I sleep in but he is ready to talk and is up for adventure.

The man cub is not an obsessed stalker, not a jealous husband.... no, not either of those. He is eight, and he is my grandson.

And he is absolutely my favorite kid in the universe. Without him, my life would be lacking half of its comic relief and my heart would top off at half full.

For this text, which two days later is still making me laugh, was brief and perfectly spelled, all written in caps:

I'M A WORM FARMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He peppered the text with an uncounted, yet substantial, number of exclamation points. So unexpected, it came out of the wild blue yonder, without any prior talk from him of fashioning a worm bin or of wanting to farm squirmy wormy things...

He is a boy child, and wondrously, magnetically attracted to soldiers and battles and Legos and adventure books. But he has never spoken of this subject before.

And, as the story ends, there is no worm farm, no worm composting, just a cup of worms from the bait section of the local market, gently placed onto the family compost heap with the hopes that they will bury into and turn and aerate that decaying pile....

It was, simply, pure and unadulterated silliness from my favorite man cub, in a land where the wild things are...


DynamicDbytheC says,

Enchanting relationship, lucky you.

kathi_wright says,

thank you for reading and commenting. his name is isaiah, and he such a bright light. i am so truly lucky!

Wench says,

This brought such a smile to my face. I love that unadulterated joy.

kathi_wright says,

thank you, wench. there is nothing in the world like a little boy, so full of wonder, life, joy...

ctgoods2 says,

So enjoyed this story. Thank you for sharing. Greedily looking forward to more!

kathi_wright says,

CTG, isaiah is a treasure trove of stories-yet-to-write! thanks!

Level1 says,

Lucky you! Lucky him! There is nothing sweeter than the love between grandparent and child. It reaches places that the parent child relationship never quite finds.

kathi_wright says,

level1, it is true that the grandparent/grandchild bond is maybe sweeter than that of parent/child on some levels. i think because we are not together 24/7 like a parental relationship. regardless, real joy abounds between us and i am so lucky for that! soon enough he will have other pursuits to fill his day so i am enjoying this while i can!

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