Chase Luck

Murphy's Law with a TWIST

Murphy's law, is if there is anything that can go wrong, does. Chase Luck is the most current and up to date example of this phenomenon. My maiden name is Chase, and I can never forget it. Frankly because the curse still follows me to this day.
Chase Luck usually happens in a set. On a bad day, my family can expect not one bad thing to go wrong, not two but at least three things to go down against our wishes. These are not simple things like leaving a book at home when I'm at school. The wrong things can be as complicated as a paycheck gone missing, or as simple as a car breaking down during move day. My father has even been pulled over for running a yellow light, then found that he has a recently (as of the week prior) expired license; and he had to leave his car and walk home, because he had no money to his name. Home was about 7.5 miles away! That car wa sthe only car in the family at teh time, and it priced close to 200 dollars total to renew his license then get the car out of lock.
That's what I call Chase Luck.
My family was never poor from the start, and when I say that I mean my parents never planned to fall into financial ruin, but then again who does. My mother diagnosed with a brain tumor had risky invasive surgery that went completely wrong, and by the end of that month had over 6 different complications due to malpractice. (nicked iraqnoid membrane, 3 grand mal seizures, bacterial and viral menigitis,.....which she could have died with the viral type alone...and absolutely no pain killers besides Ibprophen to speak of after a brain surgery) Were my parents able to sue the doctor for letting her gome home with these ailements? Failed. The second wrong was that the doctor covered it up, and he did it well. The third icing on the cake was that it left my mother physically and mentaly disabled for the rest of her life. I dont know if I can count this as a 4th wrong, but I was three years old, and my brother was ten at the time. We needed our mother!
On a lighter note my father went through things like the car insident on a daily and sometimes weekly basis. I would even find myself in a heap of trouble, and when I looked back on it a few hours later I realized there were three things that happened to me that day.
My brother went to school at Umass Amherst. He had schooled there for 4.5 years, and lived in a shabby apartment off grounds partly due to his exsessive drinking habits. He had called to say that he had a car for my dad, that he was not using, just sitting in his driveway. My father had to almost quit his job to be able to take a day to get the car, which meant 6 hours round trip with anticipated traffic. I went with him, and my brother left the key for us as we went there to pick up the car while he was in class. When we got to the car, it would not start. We couldnt get a hold of him so we drove home. Yes, we drove from Umass amherst to beverly; only to receive a call from my brother saying that all we had to do was pull an ignition switch that unlocked the car's engine. Then to top that off with a third wrong, my dad did lose his job for taking that day off.
There are other small things like losing important documents when we need them most, or a 3 car pile up on our way to see family in another state. My uncle even contributed by stealing our car at 5am while drunk and drove it across the state with the oil cap not screwed on. The engine blew, or course.

So the realy message I am trying to convey is simple. Life is hard with Chase Luck. When you find your self down in the gutter with a bad day, imagine one more some what big thing going wrong, or even two. I mean really think about it. What else could possibly go wrong in your horrible situation? Well if you were a part of my family you would get it, and it had a name.
If one day you run into a Chase, do not panick. treat us kindly and with respect, and we swear that if you keep a relatively safe distance you will not catch it.

Although I have noticed that you are more prone to catching such negativity if your ignorant - So just be mindfull, and you will not be subjected to Chase Luck! Easy enough right?


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