is this how it's suppose to be

So, this is my life so far

I'm pretty, I'm skinny, I'm irresistible, everyone loves me, I'm not awkward, I'm athletic, I have perfect skin, I'm just so damn amazing...... Now, let me tell you what my life is really like:
I’m ugly, I’m tubby around the edges, guys don’t find me really sexy, I’m hard to get along with, I’m lazy and I hate sports, I have really weird and dry skin, I’m just so damn weird. And that is only scratching the surface.
Here’s a little secret I have a crush on my social studies teacher. He’s hot, he’s mean, he’s playful and he’s funny. So what everyone has had a crush on a teacher before, right? I also have an unnatural obsession with the amazing actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I seriously have the weirdest sexual fantasies; trust me you don’t want to hear about it. Again we've just peeled a layer.
I’m just weird. Nothing more or less to say about that.
Now that you know this I can finally really explain why I can’t believe my life has come to this.
I hate myself, I hate the world. Everything sucks, everything will always suck. Just yesterday I was the happiest person in the world. I had lots of friends and all the popularity a person could ever want and need. I felt I was in the right path. Me a cool kid, someone someone would envy their whole entire life. But then something happen….. something I really can’t explain, it just happen and I was shot to the bottom of the social pyramid.
It was the most terrible thing in the world. Being popular was my life, I was a hardcore plastic. I was so lost because I didn't have someone to tell me how to dress or how to act, basically how to live my life. I then realized: I was nothing without people who cared nothing about me. This sent me on a rode to discover myself at such a young age.
So far I've realized so many things about myself that I would have never known.
So, this is my life so far…… Will it get better? Worse? Who knows what the future holds. Who really cares.


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