A life lived and sometimes lost…. Only to be unearthed again as a lesson learned.

My life so far is like an archeological dig; layers and layers of memories and messes. Ancient ruins of life changing events, fragments of a broken family tree, fossilized recollections of youth. Keep digging and you’ll find a great discovery or two. A hidden treasure lost, then found. A dusty epic poem to a life’s love, a rusty helmet from ancient gladiatorial days, a tattered and fading painting done in primitive finger paint- a masterpiece none the less. Separately these are recollections of a different time, a different place, a different me.

But together they reconstruct the shining civilization of my life.

Out of the rubble comes the cobblestone roadways of my experiences, grand temples build in homage to personal ideals and ideology, a great intellectual forum, a market place bustling with business as well as base and boyish humor, a stately manor of manhood surrounded by the lush rolling hills of my conquests.

A living, breathing, breast heaving civilization of self realization. A life lived and sometimes lost…. Only to be unearthed again as a lesson learned. 33 years of life so far and many more to go, the Fates willing, of history and artifacts to make. That’s what keeps me digging and living.


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