There's This Lady. She Makes Hats.

The yarn is usually colored in hope or despair

These hats are like nothing I’ve ever known. They start out with a special kind of yarn. The yarn is usually made out of a string of six words that virtual strangers sometimes drop onto this web that’s been woven together by some sort of stellar connection I don’t quite understand.

The yarn is usually colored in hope or despair as the words that are used to make it are sheared from the soul. Then, while the yarn spinner quietly unravels the knots in his spirit, this lady gets busy with a few tugs at the raw fabric that is dropped. Sometimes the yarn is already drawn and twisted, but she gathers it to her heart anyway to see how she can rework it.

I don’t know what magic she uses to create her beautiful skeins. Maybe it is just her essence. I can only imagine that she possesses a kind of wonderful power – because when she transforms your yarn into your hat, she’s changed your story.

And when you wear one of her hats, you feel as though she has laid her hands upon your head to heal you.


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