Confessions of a Necrophiliac

I spoke reassuringly to her "Samantha you'll enjoy every part of me loving you" and with that I pushed my knee between her comatose legs as she lay on her steel pull out drawer bed.

Confessions of a Necrophiliac

I always had a fascination with death so there was no surprise I became a medical examiner.

Something about the cold lifeless body made me feel warm inside.

I felt powerful standing over the stiff slab of death. I began to enjoy my time in the chilled rooms I could talk for hours their attention would always be on me.

I never had to worry about being waved off or ignored behind the freezer like doors.

Grew up the scapegoat of my three older brothers never been the center of anyone's attention including the attractive females that caused me stammer and stumble when I was in there presence.

I was a nonentity in everyone's eyes, which is why it was no surprise that I took up such a crazed profession.

My story would have to start the last week in October the rain had terrorizing us just about the whole month and tonight was no different except for the eerie scent of lilac.

As I walked into the examiner, room there lay the woman who crept into my dreams a many of night reeking of her own sweet love spell.

She reminded me of the females who normally ran from me like the plague.

But tonight would be different I'd make this beauty beg to be my sex slave then I would give myself unto her.

I read on her toe tag her name was Samantha a fitting name 'fore she possessed a guy's girl type of look.

The intellectual kind who could read a good book and then talk about the Monday night football game.

However, on this night she'd only speak her mind I imagined her voice was sweet as candy making everyone melt that was near.

I mimicked her movements and I envisioned her standing all her weight on the ball of her left foot.

She'd chew the right side of her bottom lip when she was mad and the opposite side when she was sad.

I pushed her eyelids open and saw her coal black empty eyes look at me in a all-knowing way as if she knew what was about to come and accepted it.

I spoke reassuringly to her "Samantha you'll enjoy every part of me loving you" and with that I pushed my knee between her comatose legs as she lay on her steel pull out drawer bed.

With sudden urgency I entered her, her body was rigid underneath my jocund 221lbs I caressed her pale face with my clammy hand sweat dropped from my brow and covered her face which excited me more' fore it seemed she enjoying the as well.

I ejaculated loudly and I heard her cry out to join me the candy-like voice of hers filled the room and bounced of the walls surrounding us.

I climbed off Samantha gathered myself and carried on normally. As the days past, I spent more time with Sam, which I affectionately called her.

I brought her small gifts lipsticks and trinkets, which eventually caused the other to get angry.

They didn't understand…Sam was special. She was the one I'd always wanted and she knew it so she paid Vanessa and Pamela no mind.

She flaunted and showed off everything I gifted to her and wore her lipstick proudly for me which I loved to kiss off I assured her the other girls were just jealous I hadn't chose them.

Yet we all had been intimate but that was before she came into my life.

Samantha was my wife I spoke to her about my troubles and she eased any worries that cluttered my brain.

I grew accustomed to our relationship, which is why I never took notice to a scheduled appointment with a family member coming to identify a corpse.

That day was as usual as it could be with me anxiously waiting for the staff to end there day so I could be with Sam.

I climbed on top of her stone like body and began pumping the soulless carcass.

Within minutes of reaching ecstasy, I heard a loud shrill yell I opened my eyes and there was my mother-in-law clutching an old bible yelping for Santa Maria and Jesus Himself to reach out and hold her before she'd lost her footing.

I was caught I was guilty BUT I was not sorry I believe Sam loved me yet the judge and jury begged to differ so here I am in this padded room wishing I had Sam in my arms again.


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