it really is

It really is

Some stories are incredible boring because we heard them many times in our lives. Well, that’s true if You are non-artistic, less emotional and pure money-business individual. But, if you have high enough level of senses for the art of living, than you know the fact, that every story has its thousand points of view, thousand smiles and thousand tears. Mine is, probably, one of the already-told stories, so it’s up to you to stop reading NOW or to continue… Don’t say I didn’t warn you on time…

My name is Zoran and I’m 29 years old, from far away country. So far away, that people here needs internet and all modern communication devices to feel connected with the World. No, no, no, I’ve heard you saying “oh, he’s probably from the little island in the middle of the ocean!”, and you’re so wrong, ‘cause the place I’m living at, is situated in the heart of develop and prosper Europe. Europe, probably the best connected place with the rest of the planet, and yet, for me, so disconnected.

All that science development and globalization, our “proud” product of the time we’re living at, is creating new generation of humans, who don’t care for each other, with just one goal – to be richer and more successful. We are captured in politics and economics.

In sunny summer morning, I’ve got up so early, way before the sun started to show itself on the horizon. Cold breeze and the sound of wind was all I needed at the time. Nearby tree, covered with thousand butterflies brought sun to me, and all I felt at the moment was gratitude for being alive and having opportunity to embrace unbelievable enormous energy of the Sun, every single morning, since the beginning of the time.

Yellow started to grow in the visible area of my eyes and there was no place for any darker combination. I felt different, so much lighter then the day before.

Did you forget the fact that this planet is so amazing in every place and at any time? It’s time to stop killing the Earth, in any way, to use our brains, discover new point of view. Simply, it is time for next stage of evolution.

Wars are dark, past shadows of a new person, entering a new place in the sunset of present time. Few months ago, I watched some show on TV about all the bad things happened during the last year, month per month, and I was shocked. Thousands of injured, thousands of lost.

Millions of positive-thinking people are stronger than any shape of human violence towards other humans or planet itself. We all just want to feel, to recycle and share the smiles.

In life, it’s so important to follow your dreams, because every fragment of this complicated puzzle will find each other and solve the mystery of path, the ultimate aim. Yes, I am working currently at the job I hate, but, if I do the best that I can do, following one will be the right one. Always is important to take the next step in order to complete the stage. Morning, simply, always comes after dark. The fact.

And what about love? O, my God. There isn’t any definition that I could use to describe love.
Love... Is amazing. It really is.


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