Rough Road Ahead

When has life ever been so finely ethced, so accommodating, so easy?

What did you expect? A transformation, a rekindling of passion, an open-ended agreement without consequences, all orchestrated in your mind to serve all your needs favorably?

When has life ever been so finely etched, so accommodating, so easy?

Oh, there have been moment of elation -- very few -- fleeting and breathless. But they've never been able to be sustained.

The way forward, the only direction to travel toward, has always been frought with uncertainty.

And yet, despite trepeditation, despite anxiety, despite awkwardness, misspent energies, dashed hopes, pesky reminiscences of failures -- one plunges forward.

There is no where else to turn except to one's self, one's own resources, for solace and strength.


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