My Sex Life in Paris

Today I am living in Lahore Cant, Pakistan. I am originally from a traditional and restricted culture. But I have lived an exceptional life in Paris for more than ten years with my husband - an artist and documentary filmmaker. I and Rufi lived a very liberal life - well actually a liberal sex life. We participated in Parisian private sex parties and exclusive swingers clubs where partners were openly exchanged. Both of us are well-recognized in all these places. If our photographs are shown there, everyone would recognize us immeidiately.
We introduced ourselves in these circles with our nicknames Maria and Rufi... For the first four years we did not have this experience. In the fifth year we went first time in one of these exclusive clubs. It was Club 2 plus 2 at the angle of Rue Mouffetard in Paris 5th where we began our discovery. First time in this club, I and Rufi had sex in front of other couples but we did not have any sexual exchanges with other couples. But afterwards we became very active not only in these exclusive clubs but also in the private sex parties. We exchanged partners and participated in all kinds of sexual wildernes...
We never explored this activity among our friends and in social circles. This facet of our life was completely unknown to the people known to us personally. This was our special world away from the everyday world. And with Rufi I frankly shared the stories of my sexual experiences with other men... For instance I told him that: With Antonio at our home or with Thierry in the Club Triangle, I was ejaculated twice. Or at the party at Jacques' home, with that Black Cuban man - his dick was too hard... I'd like to have sex with Carlo just alone...

I had so many sexual encounters and some of them were more striking than others.


Almost on every second or third week-end we went to some "club des echangistes". We frequented 2 plus 2, Triangle, La Cheminée, Chris & Manu. The best one was Chris & Manu. It was in this club where first time I had the experience of sex with other people.

I was in a short and tight black dress. I knew I was looking very sexy. I saw the man in the blue suit again. I always referred to him as the man in the blue suit. He had been to the other portions of the club and probably had the sex with someone else. But he told me that he did not have the occasion so far. He ws passionately interested in me. He had seen me fucked by that good-looking middle-aged man. And he had been waiting for me... He took me into the full grip of his arms and started a full mouth-to-mouth kissing . Now I had no more hesitation. And I also liked him. I found him attractive. "So why can't I have the full sex with him?" I thought. I responded to him with all my warmth. His hands wildly caressed almost every part of my body - legs, hips, thighs... He took my boobs in his mouth one by one and sucked them passionately. Facing me from the front, he again pressed me towards the wall - fully squeezing my big boobs. He pushed down his trouser and his dick was out, ready to move inside me. I took his dick in my hands - and I still remember I said, "Hey, it's very big..." I was in a standing-position with the wall on my backside. He slightly bent my front, lowered his legs a little, and came close in between my thighs. And then he pressed his dick upward inside me. "Ah, it's very big...", I said again.

Now I could feel his big hard dick inside me. He began shaking his dick-to-and-fro. He was fucking me vigorously... At the same time he was rubbing my boobs, sucking them. I started giving him mouth-to-mouth kissing. He held my hips with both of his hands, and from the front-side gave me the jerky movements. I was at the peak of a very intense pleasure. I had my orgasm twice. Both of us reached the climax. Even after that I was not in a mood to be released from his grip. I was still kissing him passionately. I asked him to suck my boobs once again and bite my nipples a little bit. He did so... I always liked my nipples to be bitten. It gave me tremendous pleasure. "Listen I will make one more round inside you", he whispered to me. "Yes, I will wait for you", I responded. He moved towards the dance floor.

After he left, I was fucked by a very handsome man in one of the other portions just next to the dance floor. I met him when I was strolling through different portions of the club.

My man in the blue suit came back to me for our 2nd shot. This time he held me in the same standing-position holding my back towards the wall as before. When he pulled out my large boobs out of my dress - they emerged naked. And then I rubbed my naked boobs on his naked chest so passionately that made him a wild man. We fucked again with the full thrust. He sucked my boobs - biting my nipples more than last time. That night I had sex four times with three different men - my first full-blown wild sex event.


JACQUES' APARTMENT was an outstanding place for private sex parties in Paris. It was near Belleville.
Jacques had a passion for art, literature, cinema...and sex! This was Thierry who introduced us to this circle of sex parties. He was very active in these circles. Thierry had sex with me first time in the Triangle Club. Then he came to our apartment a few times. One Saturday night he invited us to accompany him to Jacques' party. At Jacques' parties I always enjoyed myself a lot. It was realy a wild wild playground... We started going there quite often. Many intense sexual encounters emerged from there... Antonio, Doctor Diane and her husband Doctor Pierre, Black Cuban, Jamila & Jean-Pierre - and many others...

That night, the sex party was bustling more than usual. Doctor Diane and her husband Doctor Pierre, Serge and Philippe were also there. Antonio passionately played with me. He was kissing me and squeezing my boobs. Serge and a Black Cuban also joined. I already knew Serge and Philippe through Ivan (Longchirra). In another party in Clichy-sous-Bois, Serge had already had sex with me, so we were more frank. Then this Black Cuban and Serge took me in the room upstairs. Serge was a tall and energetic man working with pompiers (French Fire Brigades). He always gave me very heavy strokes during sex - like he was climbing rapidly on the fire staircase. He fucked me vigorously like at the party in Clichy-sous-Bois. At the same time the Black Cuban was getting more and more aroused. Just after Serge, he took me in his grip from behind in sch a way that I was in his lap over the floor. And I was riding on his dick...Sometimes I was moving up and down over his dick, and sometimes he was giving me the heavy strokes back and forth - harder than Serge...His dick was big and too hard like a hard rock. It was the first time I had sex with any Black man. And this was with a Black Cuban that made it unique.

I was in his lap - with my ass towards him. And I was facing his friends standing around...We were continuously giving heavy strokes to each other...And my huge naked boobs fully exposed, out of my dress, were in the mouths of his friends. They were sucking my full boobs and biting my nipples, something that always gave me an intense pleasure. Rufi came upstairs. By now we were close to our peak moments. And then this one-time sexual encounter with a Black Cuban reached its climax. I told Rufi how very hard was the dick of this man. My sexual encounter with this Cuban man had been among my most wild and sexy moments. Sometimes I think I am the only woman in Pakistan who has been fucked by a Cuban.


Soon after the sex party at Doctor Diane's home, Antonio came to our apartment in Asniers area. Our apartment was large and very stylishly decorated. Rufi just loved to live in the style. Many prominent people from Pakistan had come and stayed with us in that apartment including Javed Jabbar, his wife Shabnam and daughter Mehreen Jabbar. Javed Jabbar had been the Minister of Information & Broadcasting in the time of Benazir Bhutto, and then President Parvez Musharruf's Advisor on National Affairs.

My sexual encounter with Antonio was the best among all the other sexual experiences that I had at our apartment (though with Thierry too, it had always been very sensual). When Antonio came, Rufi had not arrived yet. He was on his way back. He had just called me. In the beginning Antonio was little hesitant. He was waiting for Rufi to join. But to then he could not resist, and casually asked me show him our apartment. He slowly wrapped me in his grip. And then started the kissing - very passionately...We had already stepped into the bed room. He slipped his hands under my dress, and caressed me gently all over...We layed down on the bed - side by side. Deep mouth-to-mouth kissing was going on. I was almost fully exposed even with my DRESS ON - skirt raised above the legs, shirt opened on top (the way I usually exposed myself during sex in the clubs and sex parties). But Antonio took off ALL my clothes. Now both of us were full naked lying down on the bed. He rubbed hes naked body all over my naked body like two magnets attracting each other. This friction between our naked bodies made me more sensual. In response, I rubbed my naked boobs on his naked chest so vigorously that both of us moved towards the peak of an intense pleasure. His dick was getting the errection, like hard rock. He rubbed his hard dick on my naked ass and over my pussy. And then with one stroke he pushed his dick inside me.

Antonio was on the top of me - fucking me from the front position. I pulled his head down to my big boobs looking for a mouth-to-boobs pleasure. He started sucking my boobs and biting my nipples. After every few moments, he lightly took his dick out of my pussy just a little bit, and then pushed in back with a heavy stroke. This was something new to me that gave me some different sensations. Later on I told Rufi about the kind of strokes that Antonio gave me during this intercourse, taking out his dick just a little bit, and then pushing in back with a heavy stroke. "This rhythm of the movements by Antonio had given me my orgasm twice", I told Rufi.


Post Scriptum: Nowadays I am living in Lahore Cant, Pakistan. I have been very active in the 1st phase full of "erotica" with a full swing. Later on, this all turned into a phase that gave me some different meanig of life. What happened and how I reached into a "passage of transformation"? That's another phase: I came to know another man in Paris - Sohail Amin. No he had no knowledge of my sex life in Paris. Rufi was engaged in making little artistic films and socially-conscious documentaries, while Sohail Amin's business of renovation work was financially more rewarding. He apperead to me a more sucessful man than Rufi just indulgent in his dreams. In order to force Rufi to give me the divorce I used a BIG LIE. I filed for divorce in the court in Pakistan and declared that "Rufi had proposed to me to participate in sex parties and exchanging partners. Being from a traditional family background, I refused his proposal and left him". I did not not disclose the truth in the court about my active participation in all those wild sexual activities for motre than ten years. To my surprise, Rufi did not respond to these accusations. He did not even appear in the court. He did not try to damage my position in the court by telling the other side of our sex story.

I started living with Sohail Amin in Pakistan. But it turned out to be a big mistake of my life. Now I am not with Sohail Amin, though he still has a control over me. Actually, now I am under the control of three men.
Bieng in a WEB under the control of three men Sohail Amin, Mian Sohail and Major Parvez, the ONLY way to come out the IMPASSE is to take the support of the TRUTH. If the events of my sex life in Paris are exposed, and everything becomes open, then these men who are confined in their conservative thinking and restricted family systems will prefer to be far apart from me. They can not face and live with the truth of my life.
The lesson I learned in this "passage of transfortmation" is about the "power of truth". Once I took the help of LIES to get rid of the man who loved me more than anything in life. Today I need the truth again to shine and come out of my dark impasse.
For some time in my life I believed that everything was worthless except money and material assets. Now I beliew in the "power of truth" that can pull the "forces of nature" to help you.
NO, I am not saying that If I can come out of this mess, I will go back to Rufi - or not go back to him. I don't know. I am in a dark tunnel. But at the end of the tunnel I can see some light.


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