Whatever Tomorrow Brings, I'll Be On The Couch.

I'll just be here. On my mom's couch.



Where am I?

Oh yeah. On my mom's couch.

Been here for a few nights now.

She's too nice to tell me she'd rather I wasn't in her house, too kind to tell me to get off my depressed ass and get a job, too lonely to kick me out in the warm Georgia summer.

I look desperately on about a dozen sites advertising their ability to find me a job. Each job found is looking for a college degree or relevant work experience.

I know that they mean both, but I press submit on each form again and again and again.

Only a few of them will respond to my inquiries. A polite email telling me of their wonderful organization's strengths in hiring and retaining outstanding employees, followed by their appreciation of my application and luck in finding a job. Oh yeah, please check our website for further positions that may interest you, (like janitor,) and thanks again.

I just want to give up. I like sleeping. Why can't I just keep doing that and hope my mom can take care of my minimal needs? I don't need to pay off my credit cards and that cell phone bill only covers phones for my brother, father, and I so who really needs that either? Just gimme a six-pack of ramen noodles and some Pringles. I'll be just fine with dropping out of college. It's not like I was enjoying going or anything.

Ultimately, I will have given up a good job at a cable company in their customer service department because I was fed up with the red tape, a better job with a cell phone provider because I couldn't deal with being a call center rep any more, and a decent job as a secretary/IT guy with a small home building company because I had a drinking problem.

I'll just be here.

On my mom's couch.

Sleeping and eating ramen.




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