End Pornography

the mind bone

What a waste of a man or woman's life, with the opiate of the masses, or the carnality of the married, leading single people into temptation, with the supply and demand of "mind rot" pornography. You think it might be like the story of the Pharisee and the Publican, but you got it wrong. It's the married that buy into this filth and attempt to ensnare the single person with "unworthiness" and "servitude." I heard on Christian radio, 50% of married Christians masturbate to pornography, some wise-crack in the spirit said: "imagine how many single people do" being infiltrated by supply and demand rapists of Onanism. This photographic "naked art" is foolishness for the un-controlled mind. There is no real use for it, and I think it is not "fantasy" or "erotica" but creates delusional thinking, like that man in history, in love with a statue, categorized as at least an idolater of stone, like us with idols of paper (wood) or of thee more graphical celluloid type. You can almost laugh at it, it's so zany. But what a waste of time and money it is, also excreting bodily fluids in a frenzy of "the mind bone." Does pornography lead to crime like rape, some claim it does. Whether it does or it doesn't it is a stepping-stone for our youth, to further experiment with sex, straight or gay and bring disease and unwanted pregnancies into fruition. "Aint nothing like the real thing baby." Just a report for the Summertime of youth and righteous coaching of adults for all of us to respect our sex organs. Consider ending pornography? Would the World be a better place? It would have been for Linda Lovelace and Jeffery Curley.


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