Jobs in Biodiversity

we all will be rich

Yet more than a $100 Trillion dollar idea! Thank God for a dying planet? With Seven Billion people on thee Earth, there is a job for everyone in "biodiversity." The diverse species in the "ecosphere" are all on the verge of extinction. There is jobs for all of us, for at least a century, that balance thee economy, while balancing thee ecosphere. It's really a fascinating concept, like the Oriental duck ponds, and the bio-lab once in Arizona, to the International Space Station. We have most of the planet and our atmosphere on the endangered species list. In our use of food stuffs and consumer products, what we use in one year, takes two years to replace, approximately. Humanity it is in our hands to replenish thee Earth and we have the "manpower." "A penny saved, is a penny earned." It is opportunistic, although fragile, it will take "hands around the world." There is no time for idle war-mongering, "let us turn our swords into plowshares," get with the program and be constructive and not destructive. "Go out upon thee Earth and subdue it," and we will flourish and multiple as a unified people. Take these words seriously in "biodiversity" and there is a niche' for all peoples to thrive. Peace be upon the Earth, of the Supreme Being, and to His children, for generations to come. I tell you the truth, if implemented, "we all will be rich."


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