"Haste Makes Waste"

home sweet home

"The restoration of all things, is about to take place." You figure I'm all tapped out from my blogs today, and the light of dawn is a new day to manifest a notion of an $100 Trillion dollar idea for mankind? We have restored the Pyramids of Egypt or one of the Seven Wonders of the World. We have rebuilt The World Trade Center as healed an eyesore. I once owned a Fiat convertible as was frugal and stubborn about junking it. It was still salvageable, and I sold the restoration project to an Air Force man and he fulfilled what could have been wasted in rust and dust. But it was returned to working order and refinished. How often are we quick to discard of items (things) that of recent we called "a throw-away society" and now we see things refurbished, restorations and almost all are valid. Even Allan Weiner's first Shortwave radio was a rust-bucket in a trash heap and now he is the WBCQ SW radio Mogul, from an arduous project of diligence to a dream come true. The Coliseum has been resurrected, the Parthenon will once again be teaming with awe and tourism. What do you own that you cling onto in the hope of renewal? These are the antiquities of the past and the present that will be gifts to what the future holds, in ordered design to bring light to a renaissance of all good things. Prized possessions and surprises that enlighten us once again, the bounty is so great, the opportunities of artisans will excel in work and wealth creation. Maybe it is time, to restore the Temple at Jerusalem, just one of many acts of reconstruction to make the World shine with appreciation of our forefathers and our childhood re-creations, for our memories and our forebears to indulge in, let's not forget one good thing, like "home sweet home" and "This Old House." Making the World a showpiece of beauty, for all to captivate. Just as I've heard, they extended The Great Wall of China. Yet like a snowflake or a mustard seed, another $100 Trillion dollar idea for all the World. "One man's treasure, is another man's trash." "Haste makes waste."


Now you have the answer to the genius I tapped, for you to accept the challenge to come up with a $100 Trillion dollar idea a day, to a cornucopia cup of overflowing or a blessing the World can't contain. That is in the antidotes like snowflakes, stars and grains of sand. I understand the promise of the first heaven or 120 years in a two-fold way, one is there was only one family on Noah's Ark and God only able to promise us like children verse 1000 years, because of inter-breeding and syphilitic mind rot, that we would be only children in our insane iniquity, to the likes of the King of Sodom, a mere child never nurtured for a 1000 years, to be found righteous in God's sight. God had only one family on Noah's Ark that like a 10 year old child (or 120) we would not be found accountable as blatant righteous men of renown that saw a 1000 years of guidance, like Enoch. The King of Sodom was just a rebellious youth, due his salvation in a short span of life, with the mind rot as unto the said Moabites and Jesubites, outcast in incest. The key was inter-breeding of just one family, that God could spare us all as children. God weeps every time a 100 year old passes on, much like we weep every time a 10 year old departs, because we never had the 1000 years it takes to be found righteous. The second heaven will purify us and we will put on incorruption, to then live in God's Holiness or eternal life, lest God vomit us from his system.. Then we will return to Adam and Eve as God intended in places of infinite paradise, and God will be the light thereof and His kingdom will have no end. God will make all things new. There is hope with promises. Be at peace, the last thing to be conquered will be death and hell. It is finished.


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