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I mentioned to you when you were indulging in rest and relaxation on your Bermuda cruises, that if you instead invested in land in the Catskills your flock could afford a simple American Dream. Let me please reiterate to you the plan to have a humble mortgage free homestead. Land in the Catskills can go for about a $1,000.00 dollars an acre, of a wooded lot. First your sheepfold invests in a community property, near some lake or major stream $1000.00 dollars per X amount of acreage. You then sell the scrub wood on the land at about $2,000.00 per acre or lot as firewood, then you truck in $1000.00 dollar 30 foot mobile homes, from upper State New York near Albany and Syracuse and the Adirondacks. Now each piece of property has a free acre and free mobile home, from the sale of the scrub wood, you build a community artisan well and invest in solar panels of only a couple panels to run electricity in each mobile home, also get a community satellite dish, for cable and internet access. You still have the straight lumber on the properties for building homes, you have farm land where the scrub wood was. Your zoned rural for raising small livestock. Your in fishing and hunting territory to meet even more food supplies, and food sales for income, and your golden for self-sufficient living with never a mortgage over your head. This is a valid equation for country living and peaceful prosperity and posterity, all for thee initial investment of $1,000.00 dollars, the same as the Bermuda cruise.


Dear Mr. President Barack H Obama:
I just watched the Rachel Maddow video about America's Infrastructure. Seems to me the jobs you could create would turn the Country, thee unemployment and the economy around:, This video states you would win the coming election, but because of the Republicans in the Senate and taxing the "rich" you are being blocked from coming out smelling like roses for the campaign. It's not only bad campaign politics, I consider it a prejudice crime against our President and Commander and Chief. Isn't there some legal steps you can take, that jeopardizes peoples safety to the point of negligent homicide, against these heinous power mongers in the Republican Senate. I suggest this agenda be posted on, that we might write these Republican Senators that stifle and shellacked due process in our Country, meant to save lives and money and create jobs.


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