Economic Campaign

Got Lemons, Make Lemonade

The Basics are: Noah 2 X 2, "The Adventures of Marco Polo" and "Let us turn our swords into plowshares."

To begin I challenge you to come up with a $100 Trillion dollar a day idea:

Here are Two:
First this could make Greece and Spain, France and Italy look like hypocrites. What if this is a vintage year for wine? In 50 years, at a million bottles, of 100 vineyards at $1000.00 dollars a whack equals for the future $100 Trillion dollars. "No wine before it's time."

Then I did the math for the 118 mile per gallon Honda automobile and on average, would equal a 30 mpg auto would be for a $1 buck a gallon, in the Honda... Not good enough yet? If you converted your 30 mpg car to natural gas, you would be paying for clean energy less than the Honda or 69 cents a gallon. Then I almost forgot? "Recall" of the 118 mpg Honda, that if converted to natural gas would be a about 15 cents a gallon verse the petrol 30 mpg transportation. Your second $100 Trillion dollar idea.

Here are a couple "green" teasers for you: Like Victory Gardens, what if we went back to using clothes lines? And went long the clothes line manufacturers in the Stock Market and short the dryer companies... Billions of dollars could be saved and made, and jobs created too.

Lastly: I had a friend in 1993 that lost his shirt in IBM. They had the kitchen of their home in the basement of the house, that heated thee upper floor in the Winter, and kept the upper story cool in the Summer. I brought attention to this invention to the friend back in 1993. They said: "they already took care of it." But like my Mother always said, ideas or things are just staring you in the face: "if it was a snake, it would have bit you." she said.

Got Lemons, Make Lemonade!


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