Solar Expansion

a piece of independence

This 100 Trillion dollar idea is old, yet needs to be explained to you how it works. Once computers were $4,000.00 dollars a piece, a few years later HDTV's were $4,000.00 dollars a piece, until they both were "mass-produced" bringing the price down to about $500.00 dollars a piece. Today it costs $50,000.00 dollars to be "off the grid" with solar panels, with a rebate from Uncle Sam of $25,000.00 dolllars, leaving after the initial cost of $50 Grand a $25 Grand bill to be independent. Suppose now, like The US Treasury, or The US Postal Service, that Uncle Sam mass produced the solar panels? It would be $25,000.00 dollars, divided by the cost of the computers at $500.00 and the HDTV's at $500.00 dollars, or the price divided by eight, equaling $3,125.00 dollars, minus installation costs to be guaranteed "off the grid" for the next 30 years of energy independence. Now this is a $100 Trillion dollar idea, with the government collecting the income, and creating Union jobs for soldiers and we the people. Ending oil and electrical costs, a new Independence Day and a lending Nation and not a debtor Nation.


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