It's Never Too Late

I don't buy lottery tickets anymore. I don't have to. I am living the dream I always had.

First I led the life that I thought my parents wanted me to have. Then when my kids were born, in my late thirties, and I was a parent, I left that life behind and began anew. I am living proof that it is never to late to live the life you dreamed or the life you were meant to have.

From the time I was little, I wanted to be an artist. I loved making things, drawing things, painting things. When I grew up, I wanted to be an artist. Which is why it makes no sense that I studied chemistry, and got an M.B.A. But that was the life that made the most sense to my parents.

I never fit well into that life. I did well, but never enjoyed it. I was the peg that would not fit. I tried hard to make it work. I tried hard to enjoy it. But I never really did. I would buy lottery tickets, with the dream that when I won, I would quit my job and go to art school.

I never made it to art school. But now, I am an artist. I sell my work in galleries across the country. I have won awards, been in magazines, and will have my work in an upcoming book.

And it all began quite by accident, with a few detours along the way. After my daughters were born I started a business making custom window treatments. I would design, sew and install. I loved the designing part, and found I learned a lot about color, pattern and scale, that to this day, helps me out. But after five years I had enough of the custom side of things. I saw the small side of people, and it was not pretty.

After that, I began studying childeren's book illustrating, and wrote and illustrated a book. I began sending it around to publishers. Mostly I received rejection letters in return. I continued to try to write, and draw. But in my heart, I could see this was going to be an uphill battle, with questionable outcome.

And then it happened. Quite by accident. I offered to help a friend out with a craft program. She needed somebody for polymer clay. Oh....hmmm. Oh, well. I can learn. I sat down with a box of clay, and before the day was over, I was hooked. The craft program was canceled. But I was hooked. I continued to play with clay, and get more and more hooked on this colorful versatile material. I had found out, at the age of 45, what I was going to be when i grew up...., or at least for the rest of my life. I would play with clay.

I don't buy lottery tickets anymore. I don't have to. I am living the dream I always had. Everyday, I can go into my studio and create. I wake up in the morning, looking forward to spending time in my studio. I have learned more about myself and gone further than I ever expected.

All those other experiences have helped in various ways with what I do now. But none were nearly as satisfying. When you finally find what it is that you were meant to do, you will know. You will definitely know.


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