Bad Fruit

If you are someone who feels like no guy, or girl, will ever like you. Well boy do I know how you feel. Then one day a friend came to me when I was feeling down and said," Imagine the world is a big tree and we are all apples and the bad fruit is at the bottom and the good fruit is at the top. The bad fruit is all the girls, or guys, that are easy to get and not as much fun to be in a relationship with. The good fruit at the top are the girls, or guys, that are unnoticed of hard to get. Many guys , or girls, will reach for the easy to get fruit at the bottom of the tree. But the one or two guys, or girls, who are strong at heart and soul, will climb to the top and pick a good beautiful fruit." I was so happy she told me that! I feel a lot better. For all of those people who feel the way I feel, don't worry, the right person will come along for you.


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