Blue Tambourine

A house in my neighborhood had a basket of assorted small toys hanging on the garden gate, with a sign inviting passersby to take a toy or donate one to the collection. I often passed this house on my walks and enjoyed looking in to see the changing array of toys in the basket, which was always full. One day a blue tambourine caught my eye. I wanted it right away but didn't think a grown-up should take a kid's toy. I left the tambourine alone. Days went by as I continued to walk past the basket while keeping an eye on its contents. The blue tambourine was still there.

Finally the day arrived when I made up my mind that I had waited long enough and that fate meant me to have the tambourine. I took it and never looked back. Now the tambourine sits by my radio. I forget it's there most of the time. But when the right songs play, I shake my blue tambourine!

Since then the house was sold and the people moved away, taking the toy basket with them. I never met the people behind the garden gate, but I miss them and their sense of fun. Did they put up a toy basket at their new home for their new neighbors? I hope so.


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