Get up at extremely early times, just to go to school. Joke around during class and getting in trouble no matter what i do. Teachers should mean pain in my brain. I laugh with friends and act like a stupid head, because I love it. i write songs cause my parents feel the need to scream at each other, as if that will get their point across. People keep telling me I'll be a hobo on the street unless I go to college. I don't want to waste two to four years of my life at a school. I'll start a punk rock band and get drunk in my tour bus. Don't worry, you'll see me on TV and you'll love me to. See that loser running across the grammy stage or crash the after party, yep that's me. People think I'm smart, little do they know i can cheat on anything without getting caught. I could lie to the world about my plans to light it on fire, but couldn't lie about taking someones pencil. Irony tries to control, but I mastered it lonhg ago.


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