To put the situation in perspective: the person who created this situation is of a type who thinks yjey are owed something by everyone.

Recently I left a position that was really a nice fit in that it only required 3 days of work and minimum amount of effort to do. I could have stayed there for a long time if it were not for my sense of propriety m a worker who has no tolerance for fellow workers who do not pull their weight. I always strive to do the job to the best of my ability (and that's considerable) and beyond when possible. This recent episode left me thinking , who is really responsible for my departure? To put the situation in perspective: the person who created this situation is of a type who thinks they are owed something by everyone, whose idea of voting is couched in ignorance of the facts but substantially wrapped in their own prejudices base on folk lore. This person explained the job requirements to me and proceeded to do the opposite in some cases. I spoke to the manager on 2 occasions hoping that the situation could be resolved as I was not able to after a few encounters (one almost resulting in very ugly scene). Apparently this individual had no ability to think beyond the narrow parameters of the job but as with any position high or low there comes a time when you must step beyond the set limits and make a decision that gets the job done. A case could be made for me staying and putting up with them (given the limited time I was there) but in reality I could not as the idea of dealing with someone this fundamentally dishonest was abhorrent to me. Recent examination of the situation by the company and an impartial judge clearly revealed to me that this situation was not taken seriously as some facts were omitted or misrepresented. This event left me thinking could I have continued in spite of all of this ?, my answer to myself was no. This situation is as serious as being a part of a team that requires trust from for all to survive. I am left pondering, who is right in this game of gotcha?


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