what comes after death

what comes after

What comes after

Thats not what im afraid of.
Im afraid of what comes after.
Is there really an after life based on gods.
Or is it darkness, with no sense of anything.
Should we really believe in one so powerfull,
Or his he just like santa clause, made up to bring
Us a sense of happiness and comfort that we oh so long for.
Or should we believe the scientists, the ones with the facts,
The ones who base their knowledge not on comfort,
But on the so called truth.
It’s a battle many say they can fight for.
But is it worth it.
Should we let people believe in something not based on fact
But based on beleif.
Should we let people believe on fact but not belief.
Should we keep the appearence of the end a happy one
Or should we show them one that could possibaly crush our very souls.
Its not fair we have to choose.
What to believe or what not to.
What to fight for or what to give up on.
These choices can damage a person.
These choices can damage a family.
These choices can damage a country.
So why the choices.
Why isnt there a simple answer to the after.
Why must we be forced to live with the pain of truly not knowing.
Thats not what im afraid of.


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