He was that guy

Not that I'm proud of it, but there where times were I lost my temper

Hi, nice to meet you. You probably might not know this just from this first casual meeting, but I've been known to break a heart or two (I mean, really cause some damage... the type where you are as a disappointing as the writer from Closer-- I'm also a writer, go figure). Not that I'm proud of it, but there where times were I lost my temper, turned physical and left bruises. You might not tell just by chatting with me for a few minutes, or even hanging out constantly, but my sexual exploits have led me to experience a wide variety of scenarios that would be frowned upon by many (envied by others). I'm no better lover thanks to it.

Like I said, I lot of people make the assumption that I'm just this quiet guy, harmless, noble even (which, I'm not going to lie to you, I can be), a role model if you will. I've done my share of therapy, at least I know better than to leave me be just as I am: further exploration of my actions, shortcomings, room for improvements, is something I've embraced. Guilt is a fickle lover, it shows up when it wants to and is not visible to everyone.

I stay away from the word asshole, though I'm aware that I've earned to be called that from time to time. After all, I've caused women to shield themselves from imaginary (or very real) episodes of pushing and shoving.

You might now notice it, but I've asked to be forgiven many times (not enough, some might argue) and have had a lot of slack cut to give me the benefit of the doubt. As you enjoy a plate of cold cuts or a sip of tea, I realize how hypocritical my sole presence at this meeting could be. After all, I've been quite selfish with my behavior.

I ask nothing of you, but offer an extended apology.


Cleaning out my closet, sort of.


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