Wake Up. You're Alive

We all read stories about people surviving terrible accidents and we say how thankful we are to have all that we have. When we hear tragic stories we want to change and become more appreciative, and we say that we will. We all experience things that hurt us and give us pain and we all have a story. We carry memories and secrets with us everywhere we go and they trail behind reminding us of all we have suffered. When something bad happens we have an insight to change our ways and become better, but we almost always fall back into the same patterns. Not because we want to, but because it’s easier and we are weak. Just 6 months ago my life flipped upside down. I went through one of the most traumatizing experiences of my life, and I have since then tried to enjoy every day I am blessed with, but I often find myself getting caught up in all of the glamour life offers us. Not just physical glamour like jewelry and money, but mental glamour, like dreams and ideas built off society. I try so hard to make everyone around me proud, and I try to build a future that will make me successful, not happy. People have this idea that there is no such thing as being successful and happy, because we have to work to survive. Everyone has this idea that life is terrible and we just have to push through it until it’s over.
What if I told you life is incredible and great. People would say that I’m being too optimistic and they would give me examples of all of the crap in this world, but that’s where we go wrong. We look at all of the terrible things in life and say “How can there be any good when this has happened” but when something good happens we forget about it. This life isn’t just about surviving, it’s about being alive. Every bad thing that happens is just meant to remind us that we are human. We will make mistakes, some that we don’t care about and some that we regret, but for every mistake we make we also create a future opportunity to make it right. Instead of waiting for something tragic and life changing to happen to you for you to start becoming alive, do it now. Take a deep breath in and know that, that one breath just saved your life, and every breath following it. Even when bad things happen to us we go back to our same old bad patterns, but what will change us. A mother, whose children were taken from her due to physical abuse because of the influence of alcohol, will not become sober, but instead drink more. What is your breaking point? What would change your life forever and keep you away from those bad habits? Don’t wait to find out, beat your demon to the finish line and change yourself before something else does. We all have human impulses that make us choose the wrong decisions and take things for granted, but all we need to do is open our eyes. Don’t look at life day to day, but instead look at it as a story book. One that you are the author of. Pick up the pen and write the next page in your book, and this time remember that you are alive. Breathe in and feel yourself begin to live, don’t let go of the breath expecting another, but let go satisfied with what you’ve done with every breath leading up to this one. Your life has now begun again.


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